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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Dear July, please be a hotbed of mirth and if there be mayhem, let it be the merry kind like when something accidentally catches on fire but a few wet towels and some hopping around takes care of it and everyone gets back to laughing too hard and having fun. Like that. (a high sun to rain ratio would also be appreciated.)

I have had it with being in a miserable weepy mood. Good things have been happening but I've had my head too far up my ass to appreciate them, due mostly to my massive, largely self-induced STRESS. I chalk it up my current Transition Mode, which has been necessary but emotionally arduous for little old neurotic me. Anyway! Enough of that. Good things are already happening! The second half of June started stepping up and bringing good things like the Feist show (more on that soon) and sunsets at Harris Beach. (vote for your favorite sunset!)




(I have so many sunset photos from this trip I could have a sunset contest every day of the week in July! don't worry, I won't.)

July is already shaping up nicely. After a busy and interesting morning at the library today, I went walking in my usual park and ran right into a brass band playing Hooray for Hollywood! Random, but delightfully so. (I like songs that have Hooray in the title.) Just last week I was bitching about Tuesdays being no fun anymore -- well, that's not a problem this week! My sister emailed me with the news that she WON two tickets to see Chris Isaak at Edgefield this Tues. July 3rd, and I get to go with her! She won in an email contest run by a local tv station during the Simpsons. (Who says television isn't good for you?) Chris usually comes around these parts in July, but we were boycotting this year because a) he doesn't have a new album out b) we've seen him a million times (it's always a good show, though) c) Edgefield had a ridiculous service charge that made Ticketmaster look generous in comparison. But none of that matters now because FREE and WON, which makes them even more fun!

July, we're off to a good start.

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6 comments on "july, july!"
  1. I seem to remember the last time you saw Mister Isaak we were in the middle of, or beginning of, a massive heatwave...doesn't that start again this week? Maybe there is something to that? July does look promising, I must say. Hope springs eternal?

  2. You're right! it was hot like the surface of the sun at the concert last year... I think it was a little later in July, so hopefully it will stay under 100 degrees.

    Hope springs eternal, all right. Although sometimes I think it's more trouble than it's worth. (I usually don't think that for long, though, because it's too depressing!)

  3. I vote for #1 - although they're both beautiful!

  4. If I had to vote for one of the photos I would have to say it would be a tie. That sun thing up in the sky sure likes to mix it up, what with the reflections and colors and such. I love the sun.

  5. Thanks for your vote, Leslita! I am inclined to agree because of all the COLOR, but I really dig the sunflares in the other one. D'oh! Stupid beautiful nature!

    Maybe I have to vote for both like BBD. Oooh! Maybe I get to recuse myself since they're my photos.. yeah! that's the ticket.

  6. So even as my fingers fly up and down you are seeing Chris Isaak. Well Yahoo!

    Hey, I want sunset contests every day in the month of July. (Not being a sun worshiper, that would be a great consolation prize.)


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