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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I got off work just after five this afternoon -- it was dark already, but the sky was a clear purply blue inky color that was so beautiful I thought to myself that it couldn't be more beautiful. (exact internal quote: "the sky could not be more beautiful!") But then I turned around and saw the delicate little sliver of crescent moon with venus and the other planet that isn't mars that's hanging out right now (saturn? jupiter? one of those dudes) and thought !!! holy crap! it CAN BE more beautiful and it is right now! the only thing that diminished my pleasure was that there was no one to tell right away. My coworkers at this branch are all individually lovely human beings (apart from the douchenozzle), but collectively they are somewhat angular and not easy to talk to, much like a bag of elbows.

me: would you look at that!
collective bag of elbows: <<<<
person who has worked there more than I, in a whispered aside: I think they like you!
me: oh, good.

Anyway -- the important lesson that I have mostly learned in 2008 is never say "it can't get any worse!" but ALWAYS say "it couldn't be more beautiful!" because when that goes wrong it's the best kind of surprise.

(the photo in this post is unrelated to events, except that it was taken at the same time of almost-night and I like it.)
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