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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
My internet is broken! From home (where I am) it's wonky and crazymaking. Fortunately, someone's coming tomorrow to fix it. Good thing, too -- I'm working myself into a state of Veruca Salt foot stamping I want it now! petulance, which is so irritating. But, since I've purloined access (which is very Veruca in a way), I'm going to post some pictures taken on November 13. (Thank you unknown neighbor with unlocked yet unpredictable wireless!)

November 13th was one of those Woke Up Wonderful days where the sun was shining, the birds were singing, every song on my ipod was perfect and everything seemed extra great for no discernible reason at all.

ginkgo mania

I'm crazy about this ginkgo tree. I think it's even more striking when the leaves turn yellow.

ginkgo mania

close up! The leaves are so textured -- they feel like really heavy, supple paper.

crows keep me company

the crows were keeping busy.

almost gone

The light was so wonderful! the sun was shining, but the clouds were coming in and shifting around. This was taken less than an hour (pointed in the same direction) as the blue sky ginkgo picture. Okay -- time to get this posted before my borrowed wireless disappears. I have to say, the good vibes of the 13th seem to work even by thinking about them because I feel much better than I did. Now I only have 12 minutes to get ready for work, but it was worth it.
Happy Tuesday!
5 comments on "technical difficulties"
  1. Do you have the internet again? I miss having it at home, so I am full of thanks to be "with it" today. I love your photos so much! I love this season so much! I mean the weather season, not the "reason for the season" season, dig?

  2. I DO have the internet again! The cable guy came out and said it was a miracle there was any at all since the squirrels (!!) had chewed right through the wire. It was just barely holding together. Now I have internet and somehow ended up with all premium channels for free for two months. So if you want some HBO or whatever, come on over!

    Thanks about the photos! And happy SEASON (both reason for the season and weather season -- it just started raining) to you!

  3. It was a lovely day of turkey and some sort of white choclate lemon cake thingy that I sort of fell in love with.

  4. Wow,those cute little rodents are sure distructive! Now I have a good idea why the city considers them pests.

    Those leaves are such a lovely shape. At this time of the year, they bring back the sun. Your photos lift my heart! Have always loved the ginkos.

  5. thanks, Patty! I love the shape too! I also love two or three particular gingko trees I see -- it's like they have monster arms reaching for the sky!


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