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Saturday, February 07, 2009
Hello again. I'm having a Get Things Done February so far, and it's been great! I've been chipping away at some long-term stuff I've been dragging my feet on, and it's been very satisfying to at least make some progress. HOORAY! It's true what they say: the journey of a blah blah blah begins with starting.

Today is a lovely day with bright blue skies sugared with high wispy clouds. (I was in the park earlier and a little girl (I think it was a girl) said to her mother "is that the sun?!?" like she was seeing Big Bird perched in a tree or something equally unlikely, which I thought was funny although come on, kid! It's been sunny before. Recently, even!) It may snow tomorrow though. Or so THEY (international weather cabal) say. (who knows? I think they make things up with an elaborate dopplerized weather cootie-catcher.)

My plans for the remainder of today include dying stuff (hot pink and orange! wish me luck), and maybe probably going to see Coraline tonight. Yay! I want to see it in 3D, although I don't need another pair of 3D movie glasses collecting dust. (they are useless for 3D television events and 3D comic books! WTF??) They don't even give you a "bring your own glasses" discount! Maybe they'll have a glasses recycling bin, which seems like the very least they could do. ANYWAY, for a fun portlander-eye view of the Coraline premiere, might I direct you to the always instructive and entertaining West Coast Crafty. For a Gaiman-adjascent (also instructive and entertaining) account, please visit Kitty's Neverwear. Both have some great pictures of the sets brought to the after-party, and both seemed to have fun, which makes everything better in my eyes.

To make your own Coraline flower go here. Push all the buttons and pull all the levers! It's fun. I'm bummed because of all the flowers I made, this first one (my least favorite) was the only one I could save correctly. Let it be known that there were some really excellent purple and red ones (called Devil's Frill and Devil's Frolic, respectively) that I was unable to save for whatever reason. THE DEVIL, maybe? hmmm. I love old fashioned flower names -- they're all over the Banes and the Beards and the Frills and the Frolics.

Here are some grey-sky pictures from last sunday -- I was walking to my car (after 5) and it was still light-ish out! I love how everything is almost the same color.

evening walk
sky marbled with clouds and dusk and maybe marshmallows.

evening walk
curly branches. I can't remember what these look like with leaves on them.

evening walk
just a touch of pink to the west to indicate that THE SUN is going elsewhere for a while. (I swear, the touch of pink is there! Although maybe you need 3D glasses to see it.)
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