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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in honor of Oregon's Sesquicentennial (which was on the 14th), I shall now provide a list of 150 facts previously unknown about... ME. Me and SASQUATCH! Me and sasquatch in OREGON. What? Wait. okay, not really.

I will tell you that Umpqua Dairy has released a special "Oregon 150" ice cream that is very tasty, flavored with honey, hazelnuts and huckleberries. I don't know if it's available elsewhere (I think it's a regional brand), but if you see it, try some!

West Coast Crafty has a lovely celebratory Sesquicentennial post here.

Oregon State University Archives have joined the Flickr Commons. They have some nifty New Deal (Civilian Conservation Corps) photos. The CCC was a jobs program that focused on a) providing work to those who didn't have any b) carrying out this "broad natural resource conservation program on national, state and municipal lands." (more details on the photos here.)

I love this photo! It pictures members of the CCC watching a movie while out on the job. It reminds me of Sullivan's Travels, although I know the circumstances are somewhat different. What movie do you suppose they're watching?

Eating donuts! Donuts so good that shirts refuse to stay on. Or maybe they were working too hard for shirts! "I don't need your stinking buttons, I'm working here! Well, I'm eating donuts right now, but I'll be working soon." Maybe the new guy doesn't get to wear a shirt until he's been hazed. Or something. Oh, the mystery!

this one is described as "felling snags along a fire line in the Siskiyou National Forest." There are some fantastic photos in the commons -- more international institutions are joining all the time to expand the commons and heighten exposure to these wonderful collections. Check them out!
2 comments on "sesquicensasquatch"
  1. This is not just the cold medicine talking: I would TOTALLY read 150facts previously unknown about you and Sasquatch in Oregon! I do hope they involve wigs.

  2. hee hee hee! Maybe they do, maybe they do.


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