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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Today's a busy day and I have umpty million things still to do, but it's the good kind of busy. One of the things I've already crossed off my list is uploading some pictures, so I thought that I would post some here since spring is coming and these are even more or less timely as I took them yesterday, except for the one I took 5 days ago. (that was all one even longer sentence before I went nuts with the space bar, the backspace key, a handful of punctuation and random capital letters. YOU'RE WELCOME.)

park crocus

park crocus! These come up every year in a muddy under-tree part of the park, and it makes me so happy to see them! I mean, look at them -- not only are they beautiful, but it proves (yet again!) that I am not out of my mind for liking orange and purple together. Mother Nature agrees. If you don't, you can take it up with her.

new sugar maple

I hadn't been to the park in a few days, but yesterday I counted THREE new maples! Woo! They keep a good arboreal eye on the trees -- they're very well cared for. If one comes down due to disease or, I don't know, lightning or something, the tree is always replaced. Sugar maples make me happy because they offer great shade in the summer and beautiful leaves in the fall.

dog found!
This makes me think of that Fiery Furnaces song. Anyway -- I'm sorry that the dog was separated from her people, but she HAS BEEN FOUND! The sign was gone yesterday, so I'm assuming that they have all been happily reunited.
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