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Thursday, March 12, 2009
lemons on the tree

1. I'm back from Fresno! I've been back for a couple of days, but I'm still getting on top of things. So in the meantime,* here are some lemons and a list.

[*between right this second and the post I'll make shortly, which will include exciting details such as why Uncle Pig didn't bother me even though he invoked The Palin, what truck to drive if you're ever put in witness protection in the central San Joaquin valley (hint: it's not a toyota), and much, much, more.]

2. the moon is still pretty full and shining right in my window. The rain predicted has yet to arrive. I have a giant bag of meyer lemons. Things could be worse.

3. my camera appears to be haunted by a mischievous spot monster, who arrives and departs with maddening unpredictability. What this monster does not know (unless it reads this, in which case FAIR WARNING, monster), is that since I've had my camera less than a year, I'm perfectly willing to pack it up and send it back to get a new one. ( you hear me, spot monster? I will totally do it.)

4. I am becoming obsessed with Wilkie Collins. this doesn't have anything to do with lemons, but that's what happens when you're obsessed. I've never read him! Should I start with the Woman in White or the Moonstone? (I'm leaning toward the Moonstone, but I'm open to suggestion.)

5. Meyer Lemon, I love you! My sister and I did a happy dance upon realizing that lemons were in season. Citrus is one of the few things I miss about living in Florida.

inside the meyer lemon tree

As you can see, there were plenty of lemons to take. We filled up a giant Whole Foods paper grocery sack (broke the handles, naturally), and could have taken at least five giant sacks before you would even be able to tell any were missing.

lemons on the table

I was on the other side of the tree from the bag, so I put these lemons on one of the tables my aunt uses in agility training for her german shepherd. I love how happy the lemons look on this color!

lemon tree

Here's a view slightly back from the tree -- that other stuff in front of the fence is more agility props. The gazebo is covered in jasmine and Sally Holmes roses. They weren't blooming yet, but I can tell you from past experience it smells WONDERFUL when they do. Of course there aren't lemons then, so I was plenty happy to be there when we were.

lemons on the table

close up of the lemons -- they're HUGE. And juicy. They make waxy thick skinned grocery store lemons look stingy and sad. I'm making lemon bars tomorrow.
5 comments on "hello, yellow"
  1. Were you aware that if there were a birthday tax, it would be payable in meyer lemon bars? It's a little known fact, but totally true. I swear...

  2. I did not know that!

    If only I knew someone with a birthday coming up...

  3. Yeah, that's a real shame. You should look into meeting someone. I hear people born on the cusp of Pisces and Aries are a special kind of "special". Hee.

  4. gorgeous photos! I feel the sunshine just looking at them - and that's a pleasant feeling today!

  5. Thanks, Anonymous!
    I had to look at them for a bit of sunshine too, as it was rainy and cold and very un-lemony in Portland today.


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