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Friday, March 27, 2009
Spring is finally sproinging all over town! It's late this year -- winter lasted longer than usual, but I'm okay with the delay since the payoff is so nice. (Because, of course, my feelings in the matter are consulted before preparing the next spring... right??) Today I witnessed carpets of violets (which smell so much better than any non-violet violet-scented anything), daffodils bobbing their heads to some internal yellow flower radio, busy squirrels plotting (against me? maybe, but I'm trying to be less paranoid), AND the flowering cherry and plum trees are having blossom competitions. I almost forgot to mention the The Birds (hitchcock, not jangle rock)-like gang of rogue robins who get their mojo working around dawn. They are into some evil early morning heavy metal birdsong; those birds are going to get the worm, goddammit, and if they wake up the whole neighborhood, even better. (I know all this because they come sit in the cherry tree out my window and make sure I'm aware of how badass they are.)

Fresh from this morning -- notice that a slug has eaten most of the one in the lower middle. Slugs are The Enemy, don't let their slimy, helpless, soft-bodied, no-shell state fool you. But I love those daffodils!

Cherry! (or plum, the flowers are almost identical.) I love that these are all over the city. There are some really spectacular fancy japanese cherries along the waterfront downtown, but this kind is everywhere. I AM SO GLAD.

2 comments on "spring is getting louder"
  1. I have noticed that first thing in the morning, which is, for me, about 6am, I hear as well as fear the birds! I do not mix well with birds. But I love that they mean Spring is really here, sunshine or not. The trees and flowers are blooming, the days feel more comfortable, I feel less tired and old man grouchy. I just love this time of year. Seriously.

  2. I love it too! I also feel less old man grouchy, which is good for a lot of reasons.

    I generally like birds, but when they're in huge gangs (like the robins have been) it's kind of creepy.

    spring spring spring!


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