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Monday, March 30, 2009
tree work

My computer is one week (ONE WEEK) out of warranty, and I started having kernel panics. (kernel panic sounds like it should be at least a little fun, but it's not.) Why didn't I buy the extended service thingy? The problem doesn't seem to be as bad as it sounds, and I hope to have a non wailing/gnashing of teeth fix for it some time later today. (Of course it might be just as bad/worse than it sounds and I don't realize it, but let's not tread there right now.) It's my own fault, which makes it even more irritating. 1) I didn't update in a timely manner and 2) I did some weird thing where I left my ipod attached and connected and thought "I should probably undo the one part" and then blithely wandered away for hours without undoing a damned thing and came back to a frozen computer.

The moral of the story is to update when you should, back things up, and whenever you think "I should stop doing that thing that seems like a bad idea" you should stop doing that thing that seems like a bad idea. That's just my .02, of course.

The good part is that I do have some functionality (hooray!) and I've spent the morning working on a super-fun paper project, which goes a lot faster when I'm not reading the whole internet every 10 minutes. Right on!

more as soon as I switch from panics to picnics.
4 comments on "I prefer colonel picnic"
  1. Kernel panic sounds like part of the popcorn olympics or at the very worst maybe running out of popcorn on movie night. I hope you get it fixed soon and am rooting for "not as bad as it sounds"!

  2. I know, right??? I think it's not entirely fixed, but I have leveled out somewhat and it's not as bad as it was. HOORAY!

  3. Hooray! Birthday month must have some last bits of power left in its final day. I can feel my rooting working!

  4. Ah, computers--can't live without 'em (at least I can't!) but they are a challenge. I keep urging a certain person to get a computer--selfishly, of course--want to be able to email her OFTEN. But then my computer froze up the other day--merely had to turn it off by hitting the switch on my surge protector, then turn that back on again and it came back--you see the extent of my technical abilities! So I am thinking "What am I wishing on someone terrified of the technology?" We are fortunate to have 2 techies in the family. When our emails start doubling, or some FA thing else happens, we know someone who can fix it, without fail. Lucky us.


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