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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
domino barbie

My computer is getting better all the time/ getting so much better all the time! I cried one perfect saline tear and whispered "I'll do whatever you ask, just don't die!" and then an apparition in the shape of a robot appeared (it's what apparitions do) and said, in a surprisingly mellifluous robot voice, "YOUR COMPUTER SHALL LIVE. WE WILL ASK A BOON SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE. YOU WILL REPAY THIS BOON WITHOUT QUESTION." ("or else!" was definitely implied.) The robot apparition dissolved with some fancy mist effect, and shortly thereafter the kernel panics dropped down to a still worrisome but manageable number and I vowed to get an external hard drive and start up the time machine regular backups and live a virtuous life until it's time to repay my debt, which I sincerely hope comes in the form of a request for lemon bars rather than setting fires or wearing a burlap dress. Robot ghosts like lemon bars, right?

There is something broken about some blogger/feedburner rss feeds -- none of mine are updating. It's WEIRD, like I'm writing this post for a time capsule that will be opened in some undetermined future. Between this and the come and go spot on my camera, the oven declining to show temperatures, and the digital scale irrationally adding and dropping numbers in increments of 7, I'm starting to get paranoid -- maybe I've developed a physiological electromagnetic problem like those people who can't wear wristwatches.

Or maybe it's time to go outside.
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