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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
I decided to walk to the library today because it's spring and because I had ants in my pants and a hold to pick up. It was raining (like always), cold and windy, but by the time I got far enough to think "maybe later would be better" I was already wet and decided to go with it. It turned into a nice walk -- it's just over a mile each way with one steep hill, but I get to go through a fancy neighborhood with grand old trees.

ANYWAY. I passed one bicycle chained to a street sign, then another and another. This is what NE Portland looked like during the rainiest part of April 1, if you happened to be in the vicinity of a bike chained to a street sign or bus stop.

rain bicycle
It was raining so hard! But my jacket is waterproof and look at all that green.

Rain Bicycle
this is on my shortcut route. Later in the season the sidewalks right across this street will be covered with pink petals. (please note my heroic effort not to put any flower pictures in this post.)

rain bicycle (library)
this one right outside the library almost doesn't count because it's not chained to a street sign, but I do wonder what happened to that paper bag hooked onto the handlebars. There's no way the bag handles would survive the soaking they were getting.

rain bicycle (bus stop)
bus stop, wet day, she's there, I say /Please share my umbrella/ Bus stop, bus goes, she says, love grows/Under my umbrella.

Due respect to The Hollies, but there were no umbrellas, nobody (but me walking by) and not even the bus. Just this bike chained up. I wonder if it's planning an outing on its own.

All in all, a very satisfying (if soaking) walk. The coffee shop I walk right by on my way home was making toast, which I could smell for most of the block. (I didn't stop to get any, but it turns out that toast smells really good when you're cold and wet.)
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