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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
softball and movie trucks

They are filming a big movie somewhere around here this week and my park is full of movie trucks. They go pretty much around two full sides of the park. It's weird but novel and interesting to me. Since I go there almost every day, I can give you ratings on the security guards: The old guys are not too fast and like to sit down but they see it all. (Including cameras -- I got into a huge argument IN MY HEAD about how it was a public place and you fascists can cram it, I can take a picture if I want. Of course they were completely unconcerned with me and my camera, so that was yet another unnecessary brain argument.) Today there were really young security guys, both of whom I think I could defeat in a dazzling war of wits by throwing a rock in the opposite direction. One looked harried and worried, the other was practicing his karate moves and looked like an observe and report style mustachioed sociopath. (I'm sure he's very nice and can probably break a two by four with his forehead.)

at the park

Anyway, it's been funny to see how all these little pieces of Things Happening at the park made sense once I figured out what was going on. About a month ago, they put in an electrical meter thingummy so there was a lot more power than needed by little league. About a week before the trucks actually arrived they started marking off parking (it was just the frames but no permit). I thought they were going to repave the road, although I couldn't figure out why they were only going to pave half of it! Then of course I thought they were going to film IN THE PARK and maybe they are, but I kind of think now they're just using it for staging because it's the only place nearby convenient for forty billion trucks full of equipment.

(I am probably totally wrong, but I like to have a working theory.)

In trying to figure out what was going on I found this site, which not only helped me make a pretty good guess as to what movie it is, (my money is on "untitled crowley project"), but also has a lot of pictures of oregon and many tax incentives. Ooh, the "search locations" feature is fun! I just found 8 potential Alien Landscapes (in the "doubles" section), and I've only been to about 4 of them!
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