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Monday, April 06, 2009
The Other Kingdoms

Consider the other kingdoms. The
trees, for example, with their mellow-sounding
titles: oak, aspen, willow.
Or the snow, for which the peoples of the north
have dozens of words to describe its
different arrivals. Or the creatures, with their
thick fur, their shy and wordless gaze. Their
infallible sense of what their lives
are meant to be. Thus the world
grows rich, grows wild, and you too,
grow rich, grow sweetly wild, as you too
were born to be.

by Mary Oliver, from The Truro Bear and Other Adventures

April is National Poetry Month! I like this poem a lot and think it goes nicely with the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are.

3 comments on "grow sweetly wild"
  1. boy are we weirdly synchronistic:
    april 5 was my dear friend bob's 60th b-day, and inspired by your zine, i added onto a card i'd bought by taping in two pages, each with a MARY OLIVER poem i found in her "red bird" collection that just said bob to me; gave him the card w/poems typed in (and a gift certificate to our local indie bookstore) tuesday night the 7th.

  2. ...and wait a second: you posted the spike video the day before i e-mailed it to you asking if you'd seen it?

  3. Ha! That's funny and great. It's fun taping things in, isn't it? (also: April 5 was my dad's birthday!) I'll have to check out the red bird.

    And YES, I posted the video the day before. I don't know if that makes it more freaky or less freaky or if it is merely freaky neutral. But I think the video looks wonderful and the song is perfect with it.


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