dept. of eagles, how may I direct your call?

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Thursday, April 16, 2009
Press ONE for EAGLE CAM: on a bald eagle nest in Sidney, British Columbia. There’s more to see during the day, but at night you can hear frogs and crickets.

Press TWO for MUSIC VIDEO: This is creepy/disturbing and beautiful all in one. The dancing ghosts are my favorite.

ION, the sun has been shining and photosynthesis (I ASSUME) has accelerated my spring fever, which means time is bouncing like a super ball and nothing is getting done according to the schedule in my head. But the sun is shining! For now!
2 comments on "dept. of eagles, how may I direct your call?"
  1. I hope you are loving this extra super sunny weekend and getting lots of sun!

  2. I've been working, but I'm still loving the sun!! Hope you are out soaking up lots of valuable vitamin D.


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