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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
by Esther K. Smith (2008)

This is a great book! I've always been interested in paper and paper folding, so when I saw this title at the library I was intrigued. The cover is compelling, but the insides are even more so. (Actually, both covers are compelling: Magic Books and Paper Toys each have their own half of the book, joined by instructions for a pleated möbius strip -- you have to flip it over to read the other.) There are instructions for pop ups and cootie catchers, flip books and hexaflexagons (there are directions for flexagons of all kinds, but hexaflexagon is the most fun to say), snake books, map folds, accordion flip flaps (!), magic wallets, spinners (aka thaumatropes) and a lot more besides. The project photography is appealing and the hand drawn how-to diagrams are very easy to follow -- extremely helpful for some of the more complicated folds. I've had this book from the library for a couple of months, but now someone wants it back -- before I've mastered the hexaflexagon! curses! But I've had it long enough to decide that it would be a fine addition to my permanent craft book collection.
2 comments on "Magic Books & Paper Toys"
  1. Ooooo, luverly. Funny coincidence, this. I have out this book I have been meaning to suggest to you, called: Books that Fly, Fold, Wrap, Hide, Pop Up, Twist, & Turn by Gwen Diehn. It's for kids, and may not be as advanced as Magic Books, but the samples are delightful. The how-tos not so much, since they are crudely hand done. (But that is my taste; someone else may adore them.)

  2. I will check it out!

    I think you'd like this Magic Books one -- lots of good projects you could do with your granddaughters. Lots of opportunities for stamping on your finished product, too!


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