state of april (blooming)

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Thursday, April 09, 2009
Now is the season in which we residents of portland must remember to take claritin or PAY THE TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCE. (sneezing, watery, itchy eyes, etc and so on.) There is pollen everywhere.

white camellia
the camellias are going like gangbusters right now. (gangbusters? what the hell, brain?) They are SO BEAUTIFUL, but then they drop off the tree and make a huge decomposing mess beneath. But the good part is very very good.

spring: very exciting!
I see green! (no, really! it's there.)

purple tulips
this tulip picture cost me .50 in late fines at the library. It's not very interesting, so I will add pirates. I was walking to the library with the intention of taking a walk, returning books due the day before right before opening to avoid fines, picking up some books and walking home. Perfectly ordinary! I tried this last week and just missed it by 10 minutes, which was due to being ready to leave and then deciding to change my socks at the last minute. This time, I felt pretty sure I was going to MAKE IT. Unfortunately for this plan it was a beautiful sunny day, which meant I stopped to take a lot of pictures. There were pirates having some kind of sword fight on the brick retaining wall and I had to wait TWO MINUTES for them to clear out of my way to snap this picture, which meant I was two minutes late, which meant I didn't get my books in on time to avoid the fine. Pirates, you owe me some money.

under looking up
I love this weeping cherry, even though they give it the same awful dutch boy haircut every year. But from underneath you can't tell.

spring sky
this is what the sky looked like today. Not raining, exactly, but not not raining either. (it is raining now.)
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