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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
The clouds are coming back, which means that this bout of portland springtime sunshine is drawing to a close. It's been a magnificent four days though! People are cheery and the plants have exploded from the ground or winter sticks with leaves and blooms. Daffodils are on the wane and dandelions are on the rise. Grass grew inches overnight. I OPENED THE WINDOWS! Even though it happens every year around this time, it's still like the best kind of surprise.

Now I need to go close the windows and put on some socks, but here are some pictures from yesterday, which was the apex of april 09 sunny days if you ask me.

I love this tree -- it's got a sort of curvy akimbo thing going on.

let's have a picnic! What this meadow picture doesn't tell you is that the horseshoe pit is just over to the right, so it's a picnic at your own risk. (although no one was playing horseshoes, so I say let's go for it.) Dandelions and daisies! this is the perfect spot for reading, too. Theoretically. In practice there are crows who demand to know what page you're on and spoil the ending, curious off-leash dogs, runners, bikes, pickpocket squirrels etc. etc.: dangers of a city picnic, but still worth a try! And unlike country picnics, NO BEARS. At least I haven't seen any yet.

beautiful bower
this is a tiny little scrubby tree that reminds me a lot of Dr. Seuss or maybe Sideshow Bob, due to its skinny zig zag trunk and improbable hairdo -- it's one of the loveliest blooming trees I saw yesterday, but it's no showoff. It blooms this way because that's what it does, not because it requires any oohs or aahs from passerby. It makes me happy.

I saw these dappled violets on the way home and it was almost too much! They smell good, too.

Now my bare feet are cold and it's time to get busy on all the things that were pushed aside due to SUN MANIA. All well and good, but I miss the light and gentle heat already. Although I suppose if it were sunny every day, I wouldn't get excited about the prospect of its return.
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