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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
1) I have spent the last few days painting what seemed like 100000 linear feet of wall, but was actually an average hallway. I'm happy to be finished!

2) based on my 100000 linear feet calculations, I feared I would develop forearms like Popeye. NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR ME. Although maybe it's just what I need for these giant anchor tattoos to make sense.

3) I listened to Ziggy Stardust all the while (minus two hours). I hadn't listened to it in a long time -- is there a bad song on that record? The answer is no! I know it's a crazy spaceman glam rock opera (my eyes are shaped like hearts just thinking about it), but all of these songs -- even those that are crazed spaceman glam rock opera exposition, hang together apart from the larger Ziggy framing device, which is not something every rock opera manages.

4) watching Ziggy-era Bowie videos on YouTube, I have come to the conclusion that Tilda Swinton would look great in all his clothes. Someone build a time machine so that they might play androgynous glam rock SPACE TWINS in a movie, please.

5) I should have painted a crazy spaceman glam rock opera mural in the hallway. Maybe next time.

6) here's a live performance from 1972 of the closing track, Rock 'n' Roll Suicide, which sounds like it should be a bummer, but it isn't and I LOVE IT.

"Oh no love! you're not alone/ You're watching yourself but you're too unfair/ ... / You're not alone gimme your hands/ You're wonderful gimme your hands"

2 comments on "you're wonderful gimme your hands"
  1. what's really amazing is that kid who rushes into bowie's embrace at the end.

    i was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of mick ronson in the mid-seventies (seen here briefly, bathed in white light, but heard throughout playing his signature ziggy guitar licks) and we were friends of a kind for a few weeks there (this was during the formation of the rolling thunder revue). a very sweet, quiet, gentlemanly man possessed of an unusual grace and humility. and then when he plugged in his guitar, there was the air of an english workingman, sleeves rolled, getting down to the business of mining -- you realized how strong his seemingly thin arms were, and THAT SOUND came out of the amp. his hair perfectly soft and shaped to obscure the necessary that much of his face.

    in the entire time i hung out with him, i never mentioned nor alluded to his years with bowie (at that time, an off-and-ongoing gig), but the aura of it wafted around his blond head like a halo.

  2. !!! I love the details (skinny arms, sweet, quiet, hardworking, appropriately coiffed, etc) and I love finding out that someone whose work I admire was also a good guy. Thank you.


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