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Sunday, April 19, 2009
paper heart

1. fall in (heart) w/o fear [(heart) = drawing of a heart]
2. learn another language
3. Dri Take a gondola ride in Venice
4. kiss the man I (heart) in front of the people watch in Paris
5. See an original Klimt
6. Drive across U.S.
7. Go to the top of the Empire State
8. Write the great Am novel
9. See the great wall
10. learn to cook & enjoy it

This list came into my hands on Saturday -- it was written on an index card and used as a place marker in a library book. One of the pages* who was out shelving brought it over to me at the circ desk and said "it fell out of a book." (you would not believe some of the things that fall out of books.) I'm not sure why she brought it to me, but I'm glad she did.

I think this list, which was written in a scribbly hand with a blue fountain pen, is so... I don't know. Poignant and banal, human and in progress. I have a pretty clear picture in my mind of the person I imagine made this list, but this picture is almost certainly wrong. (I laugh and laugh to think of someone figuring me out from a random 10 list, but the urge to try is impossible to resist!) If only I knew what book it came out of, I would have an even better idea... (if it was a novel, what kind of novel? travel book? self-help book? kick boxing book? cook book?1000 lists to make before you die book?)

*library vocabulary: page = the good people who put the books on the shelves.
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