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Monday, March 16, 2009
(It's Colbert's fault I'm starting this so late. I stayed up to watch Neil Gaiman's interview which was totally worth it, not least of all because Colbert got himself stuck in a Tom Bombadil poetry loop. That show is one surreal piece of performance art and I love it.)

alright -- back to the pictures:

out the window

this was out my cousin's Clovis subdivision window. I liked that you could see the pool and the other houses within the frame of the window. When I visited last the mountains were still visible, since then a new phase of the development has hogged the view. The economic crisis has slowed some of the rampant growth and housing speculating that was going on in Fresno, but there's still a lot of sprawl. A LOT. It's such a different frame of reference to me, since I'm coming from Urban Growth Boundary Portland. I just don't see new subdivisions like this that often. They are EVERYWHERE in the greater Fresno area. I remind myself that they'll look less like they're eating up farm after farm once the trees get big.

My fresno aunt and uncle (parents of the cousin above) live on almost an acre at the south edge of town. they have a fresno address, but the neighborhood is surrounded by farms and various agricultural endeavors. Strip malls and starbucks are creeping closer, but for now they're still kind of on the fringe. I like it that way, but I'm not the one that has to drive (everything is driving in this city!) for a minimum of 20 minutes to get a mocha. (they are latte drinking GMC drivers, although my aunt long ago invested in top of the line coffee making equipment.) (because she's a top of the line kind of lady, whether it's necessary or not. It makes her happy to know she has the best, so who am I to judge?)

downtown Clovis! (spot monster alert in the middle of the sign.) My sister and I were in the midst of an argument with Fresno Uncle about the correctness of saying "the sierras." (he brought it up!) Because of the nature of the weekend, we did not get the opportunity to discuss it to exhaustion. NEXT TIME! (I am giddy with anticipation because I think I've got an argument-proof piece of logic in my pocket. Let's hope I remember it!)

I think I just liked the brick and blue sky (and palm tree!) here.

day moon

one million phone calls and some global satellite positioning eventually led to getting a tour of the newly renovated university library from my uncle. This tree was outside! Another day moon. I'm beginning to think not being able to see the moon in the daytime is some kind of moon legend.


CARWASH! Clean car culture is very much a sunny weather kind of thing, I think. Not that people don't wash their cars in Oregon, but I would say that it's not pursued as URGENTLY as it seems to be in Fresno, anyway. If it's going to rain for 6 weeks nonstop, does it really make sense to wash it? But I have to say I love going through a drive-through carwash. It's so science fiction to me! Like the car should be able to FLY or at least evade radar detection once it's done.

exciting conclusion tomorrow! Will there be more car wash conundrums and day moon conspiracies? Check back and see.
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