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Thursday, February 11, 2010
There is someone howling like a very large dog somewhere down the street and a bunch of drunk people talking on the sidewalk somewhere closer up the street. New moon werewolf? 3% early according to my google moon phase widget. Maybe the new moon werewolf is has a more relaxed wolfing schedule than the full moon variety? I don't know! Supernatural things with all their complicated rules and regulations are confusing. But now the howling has stopped AND the drunk people have shut up. Maybe the new moon werewolf ate them all. (quietly.)

(Is New Moon the name of the most recent Twilight movie that had a werewolf in the commercial? It all makes sense to me now! Just like those Twilight sparkly people/vampires can go out if it's overcast, maybe their werewolf can eat the Loud Talking Inebriated with only 3% of the moon showing. Okay, it really doesn't make sense to me now, but I have a feeling that thinking about it further will do nothing to correct this.)

And now for something completely different:

[side note: I've noticed that lately my blog posts come in three varieties: 1) photo post 2) list post 3) videos, but with something completely unrelated above it. This particular post is a #3. I promise to work on expanding my repertoire.]

It should be noted that both of these videos make me happy! And that's not nothing:

This is from 2006 but I saw it for the first time tonight. I was laughing all along, but really got going at around the :33 mark.

THIS ONE! I love how it is so creative with limited resources: some colored tape, an alley, a target, a rail thing (what do you call those?), colorful pennants, lots of manic energy, imagination, the song, the band, and of course CONFETTI CANNONS.
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