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Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Here are some pictures I took the other day at the park. (The day with the Junior Bicycle Puddle Splashing Champion: under six division.) Something yellow is blooming! or starting to bloom. I'm not sure what this is, apart from a) yellow b) blooming (or almost blooming) c) on a tree.

raarrrr! This one looks kind of lobstery/crawfishy to me. But still a tree.

triple silhouette
These three are gossiping about all the other trees. I was going to write that if they had eyes, they'd be shifting them, but they DO have eyes, I just didn't take pictures of them because they kind of weird me out.

cherry tree
ta-dah! I think this must be one of the earliest blooming cherry/plum trees in the city. I love how when they just start to bloom it looks like someone's strung popcorn on the tree. It's been a fairly warm, mild winter, but this is bananas. (and pretty.)

early blossoms
see what I mean about pretty?
1 comment on "portland winter fact check"
  1. they are indeed pretty! thanks for the pictures.


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