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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guess what? My temporary thing at work got extended for another 6 weeks! Awesome, but I must make mental and practical adjustments - this is the most regular schedule I've had in YEARS. (those capitals are no exaggeration! YEARS, people.) Anyway. I got through the first stretch by thinking about getting paid (woo hoo!) and a handy weekly countdown. (I mentally count it off like The Count on Sesame Streeet - two, TWO weeks left, aha ha ha! ) I need to transition to more long term thinking and planning, which means going to bed earlier (wah) and responsible adult stuff like that. (Though I will never stop counting like The Count.)

I've gotten used to it, more or less. The initial body shock of standing for so long and talking to people all day*, every day has worn away. This, plus the fact that I like my coworkers (so much!) makes the next 6 week stretch something I'm looking forward to. Now to devise a plan so I don't crumple with exhaustion as soon as I walk through the door at home. After that goal is reached, I must figure out how to keep up on email and projects. So many schemes to wrangle, so little time!

(*a friend and I have been discussing what it means to be an introvert (me) and an extrovert (her). It's been interesting - she didn't think I was an introvert because I get along pretty well with people, but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I think it's that thing where introverts need time alone to maintain maximum mojo, and extroverts need the company of others for the same. It doesn't mean that extroverts don't enjoy a day alone or that introverts don't like parties, it just means different people are different. (although I am a people loving introvert with party anxiety - but the party anxiety is a separate thing!!)
Her: are you sure you're not just a cranky extrovert?
Me: … pretty sure.

ANYWAY, aside from the hilarity of imagining myself as an extrovert, my point was that spending so much more time with people - particularly in a customer service capacity like I do at the library - takes it out of me.)

(this picture is my little cousin tending to a Godzilla wedding pinata.)

This summer has been so busy! Alongside worky August there have been a million other things going on: places to go, people to see, live birds that the cats brought in to rescue, houseguests, ETC. The past couple of weekends have been low key and I'm so glad! Yesterday I sat in a chair and read a book almost all day long. It was lovely.

the steady gaze of pinata godzilla
I love pinata Godzilla and his photocopied eyes. (and his bent paper teeth in the first photo.)

Here he is waiting undercover with his business partner and girlfriend, Uma the unicorn.
4 comments on "extended"
  1. Yaaaaay! Congratulations! That's awesome news, though I can see how exhausting it is, too. I find that reading recharges me more than sleep or anything else. And I love how extroverts often just don't get introverts, like they don't comprehend that anyone could be that way. That cracks me up because it's such a meta-extrovert thing to think, know what I mean? Hee.

    Anyway congratulations and good for you for making plans and coming up with coping strategies!

  2. That dino looks like a green Barney.

    I wonder if an extrovert can become an introvert late in life? Or a facsimile thereof.

  3. I mean, that is what is implied by meta-extrovert, right--transformation?

    Oh, well, everyone heading toward the center, from whatever edge they are on.

  4. Thanks, Maggie! I'm super excited, even though I have to go to bed earlier.

    Patty - BARNEY???? Bite your tongue! Barney never had such fearsome pointy (paper) teeth!


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