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Friday, August 13, 2010
in the garden
I am so tired! This week had a lot of good stuff in it and has more good stuff starting very early tomorrow, so I'm trying not to whine about it because GOOD STUFF, right? But dude, I am so tired! It's been a busy few weeks. Many of the good things have been outside of my normal range of good things, which in and of itself is…good, but it makes me tired. This paragraph has been brought to you by the words good and tired.

So, some random stuff that is flitting across my mind right now:

epiphany 1: I can talk about things on this blog more than once! (obviously, as I crab about being tired all the damn time!) So I can mention that I saw Inception last night and I really enjoyed it even though I'm sleep deprived and had really freaky dreams this morning, and that would be OKAY because it doesn't have to be my last or final or only word on the subject. (I realize this is junior league as epiphanies go, but that is also okay!)

in the garden
These are more pictures I took with my digital camera through the viewfinder of that old square format camera on permanent loan from my uncle (who had it on permanent loan from my other uncle). UNCLE UNCLE CUNCLE CANKLE UKULELE LUNCHEON. Ukulele luncheon! that could either be really fun or an interminable hell dressed in artificial yet entirely flammable fibers. (this reminds me: I checked in two awesome books on aloha shirts today.)

the pond
random tangent #lost count: I would like to be more internally consistent with my star rating system on goodreads. I try to go along with their ratings (2 stars means "it was okay" for example), but then, especially with low ratings, I find myself inflating them a little bit because I feel guilty for not liking something more. How dumb is that? Maybe I feel stupid for reading a whole book I don't really like? What about ones that I enjoyed not liking? (these exist!) I think I gave the most recent example of this 3 stars - it was really a 2 star book in my mind, but I guess I gave an extra star for the author's entire body of work. Or maybe because everyone else I know liked it more than I did, which is a very dumb reason indeed. Hmmmm.

Since I have to get up at the CRACK OF DAWN tomorrow I guess I should go to bed and think about this while I sleep. Maybe the author of the 2 star book hired those Inception dream wizards to give me these doubts! I realize it's not very likely, but it would get me off the hook for my inconsistencies nicely.
5 comments on "randomly flammable"
  1. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


  2. I really like when people figure things out over time and write about each step. It's like a PLOT or something! It's totally fun! So please don't wait to have everything sorted before you write about it. We love watching epiphanies unfold step by step!

    Also I think the Goodreads rating system is inherently flawed because I use completely different criteria for different books. So my ratings could be pretty meaningless.

    Plus if someone does something completely awesome in an otherwise meh book, I'll still go for the high rating because: awesome!

    And because I'd rather read a book that does something super great amidst some issues than one that's just sort of okay. It does rank higher for me. But is that an accurate set of stars? Only for my personal experience of the book!

  3. YES! You're so right about it being an inherently flawed system. I just need to figure out how to make it work for me - maybe I'll add some new bookshelves like "2.5 stars" or "didn't work for me, but I can see why others like it."

    Or maybe I'll start writing little capsule reviews. I hate that 90% of the reviews are just a rehash of the jacket copy. Hmmmm.

  4. I LOVE the way those photos look! What a great idea. You'll have to show me the loaner camera if I ever get to see you again. (I will!)

  5. Hooray! I'm glad you like them and that I will see you again one day! - we'll have to have a mini photo safari with the loaner camera. It's better when there's more than one person because it's HEAVY. (compared to a pocket digital camera, much like Dash seems tiny to me compared to Busby.)


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