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Sunday, November 28, 2010
souvenir design

I hope that you (whoever you are, wherever you are) have taken the time AT LEAST ONCE in your life to press a penny in one of these ridiculous machines. It's fun, especially if it's the kind where you get to crank it yourself.

Out of Order
look at that sad face! This is what happens when denied the therapeutic penny crank. (therapeutic penny crank sounds dirty and/or crazy, but what can I say? It is what it is.)

pressed penny (world famous)

this is what it would have looked like, had it not been sad faced out of business. (note the bear statue in front! I'll have you know that's a chainsaw carved bear.) I don't even collect these things, but my mom and aunt both do. They're locked in a hilarious (to me) pressed penny battle. They're in it for the long haul, with strategies and feints and whatnots. I admit to being an enabler, but I'm lucky to know someone who's into it or I would have to be. You know how it is.
3 comments on "advice for tourists"
  1. I am drawn to these machines, and I do resist the urge, but whenever I see one before I can even think, I hear someone asking, "Do you have two quarters and a penny?" and that is me, asking anyone I am with, for change! I am willing to pay fifty American cents to squash a penny, and yes, I could invest this change in a wishing well, but I wouldn't have a gorilla all flat and happy to show for it.

  2. That's right! and there's no law saying you can't throw your flat and happy gorilla in a wishing well if you find the need to do so. Maybe it's even wishier and luckier than regular change!

  3. This is true, and I never considered that before. I like that idea.


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