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Sunday, November 07, 2010
I didn't take a 4 hour job at my favorite branch today - the deal I made with myself was that if I didn't take it, I would instead have to make serious progress on ongoing projects. Serious for real progress.


Inventions! (I should note that these are still in the theoretical stage because I just thought of it today and COME ON - like Ernest and Julio Gallo, I can make no wine before its time.)

Invention 1: pneumatic bottle/can return. A mundane household task that fills me with loathing and despair is returning cans and bottles for deposit. I hate it so. As I was brushing my teeth this morning (and discovered a diet coke can on the shelf) I thought how nice it would be if there was a hole in the wall somewhere that led to a discreet series of pneumatic tubes that led to a can payment center. I would put the can in, it would be whisked away by SCIENCE and then a nickel would appear as if by magic (but actually by science) in a coin receptacle nearby. I would even accept receiving a quarter for every five cans returned, or maybe they could just automatically be applied to my bank account. WHY HAS NO ONE DONE THIS?! What better way to grow the economy than with pneumatic tube infrastructure? I'm writing my congressman.

Invention 2: this is not really an invention because they already exist in the world, but: Pneumatic desk so I can stand up while I do my computer work! (I am enchanted by pneumatics today! It's like being blinded by science, but for people who don't necessarily have a sense for how these things actually work.) We have ergonomic adjustable desks at work, but they are ugly (and at work, and we've already established that I'm not there today). Then I thought, maybe I should just put my desk on some kind of PULLEY SYSTEM with ropes and a special desk heaving chanty. It would be like raising a sail on a boat, apart from how it's nothing like that at all! Anyway - this one I managed to solve. I'm currently typing this while standing in front of my dresser! If I put my laptop on a dictionary, it's at a lovely ergonomic height. Writing while standing (or at least while not sitting all the time) is my experiment for the day. Take that, Butt In Chair people. I'm going Feet On Floor.
3 comments on "inventions"
  1. I laughed when I read that you discovered a can while brushing your teeth. That is amazing!

    Those desks are pretty ugly, but I definitely like the idea of a desk being able to accommodate what I feel like doing, sitting or standing.

  2. I'm now an advocate of typing standing up! I wasn't sure how it would go, but I do know that my butt didn't get numb and I think I had at least 5 ideas I wouldn't have had if I was sitting where I always sit.

    As for the can - ha! I know!! It's so sad.

  3. It is true that just changing a physical position can change your perspective, and open up new ideas. I have to stand with my knees bent a little bit, gramps that I am, but I do feel more alert whilst standing and typing. I guess it has something to do with not being totally relaxed?

    I am still in love with the coke can part of the story. Maybe it means I am a little nutso but it just makes me happy.


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