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Thursday, November 18, 2010
It is raining and dark. I started this post a couple of times with some dramatic interpretations of these facts (there was a toupee… a toupee made of heaven's TEARS), but when it comes right down to brass tacks or crying toupees - it's raining and dark, neither of which is a shock for Portland in mid-November.

What is shocking: I managed to finish some things - the forever incomplete quilt is now COMPLETE. Huzzah! One day I may even take a picture of it. The epoch-spanning bookcase project is not yet complete, but it is at that chaotic almost-done phase. That's what phase it is, right? not the chaotic never-done phase? RIGHT??? (oh, never mind. It's right!)

Work was so nice today in a gentle way - it was a short shift, I was happy to see everyone working and they were all happy to see me. There was only one sort of weirdly shirty patron, but even he didn't leave without checking something out. My favorite was a boy of about 10 who came in because he was conducting his after school business (by himself, as far as I could tell). He got a replacement card, chatted about the weather ("it's so cold and wet, I had to come in." ) and checked out some Calvin and Hobbes. Such a charming, self-possessed little dude!

Bonus: while I was writing this they called to see if I will come in tomorrow. (answer: why thank you, yes.)

And now for the singing and dancing portion of this blog post, here's a Camera Obscura video that I also find to be very charming. I love the contrast of the retro cavorting dancers with Tracyanne Campbell's eye-avoiding delivery; the visuals remind me of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg crossed with what I imagine a commercial for Japanese Ikea would look like. I love that it's a bright happy video for a happy sounding melancholy song. Did I mention that there's dancing? Because there totally is.

4 comments on "singing, dancing, raining"
  1. Congratulations on the quilt! Yay!!! I love finishing things that have been unfinished for ages. And I'm sure the bookcases will get there in due time!

    Go, you!

  2. Thanks, Maggie! It felt so good to stitch that last stitch.
    Now I get to figure out what quilt I want to make next. hooray!

  3. I love that part, where you get to think of all the possibilities and look at fabric and make plans! So fun!

    Will we get to see a picture of the quilt, I hope?

  4. Yes! I will try to take a picture tomorrow.


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