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Thursday, November 04, 2010
Hooray! Things finally shook out the way I hoped they would here in the great state of Oregon. It was really freaking me out that Kitzhaber might not win. I was trying to prep myself in case he didn't (using GWB terms 1 & 2 mental ninja tricks) but in the middle of that I realized how lucky I am in so many ways - is there anything easier than being a liberal in Portland?

In non-election, non-surprising news, I've started too many projects at once. I've got some stuff I need to mail out, there are two more sides of binding to go on that quilt, I started putting together my massive bookcase project and things are EVERYWHERE. It looks like a paper/fabric bomb exploded which isn't as decorative as you might think. My desk was cleared off for 4 brief shining moments but no longer. I will dig out!

I did get some flickr pictures uploaded, so do please enjoy some of the Waldo Lake in August experience!

red canoe adventures
Canoe! I hadn't been in a canoe since I left florida ages ago - it was nice. The lake is really huge, but we were just in one little "I can see shore" section of it.

my paddle
The water is so clear and so pure we could see to the bottom even though it is REALLY DEEP. hang on.. let me find the text of the sign (which is on a photo that has yet to be uploaded). Okay! here it is. This one is for the geology nerds:

Welcome to Waldo Lake. Waldo Lake, Oregon's second largest lake, covering more than ten square miles, occupies a basin scoured by alpine glaciers. It is one of the clearest and purest lakes in the world. You can see to depths of 100 feet on a calm day. The clarity gives Waldo Lake its indigo appearance as all the sun rays are absorbed except blue.

Snowmelt and subsurface flows are the main sources of water into the lake. There is little soil erosion entering this lake resulting in few nutrients available for algae growth.

Waldo Lake is a fragile and rare resource. Enjoy its beauty and help keep it pure.

waldo lake
I can't get enough of the green of the grass with the blue of the lake and sky. So beautiful! I'd like to go camping there for real someday. (there is a story that goes here about motels, the perseids, and lady motel keepers with binoculars that one would assume were for looking at meteor showers but were apparently for spying on guests as they take luggage from the car to the room in the dark. She's probably a Jessica Fletcher style amateur detective, but it was still creepy.)

sun goes down
and then the sun went down. I had that heavy square format camera with me and took some pictures through the viewfinder. I know they're not straight or perfect, but I think they have an imperfect charm.

waldo lake sunset
I should note that I was balancing the camera on a rock that had a kind of flat spot on the top. I was also being assisted by a 7 year old, but he was very helpful.

waldo sunset
I love this picture! It looks all serene sunset silhouette, but there was actually a lot of whooping and laughing echoing across the lake - a group of teenage boys piled onto a rubber raft and were paddling (with their hands) to the middle. There was much falling off and falling out and general warm weather/cold water/ summer evening hilarity.
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