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Monday, April 18, 2011




All your worry

Has proved such an





Find a better


 April is National Poetry Month - I was at work on Sunday sitting in the break room when one of the Library Assistants came in carrying The Gift by Hafiz. I recognized it right away because I have a copy checked out myself. She opened up the book and it went right to this poem and we all had a laugh about the title. I said something "blah blah Hafiz so awesome blah blah" and she said that she'd never read him before, but on the 14th they'd done a  poem in your pocket thing, printing out various poems and leaving them in baskets all around the library so anyone could participate if they wanted to. (I think this is an excellent idea!) Anyway - she'd seen a Hafiz poem and really liked it, so she checked out the book. Another (awesome) coworker was at the table and mentioned that she'd gone through a major Rumi phase at one point. I said that I thought Hafiz was kind of like Rumi's rowdy younger brother - a little drunker, a little funnier, a little quicker to anger or to song or to sneaking into other people's tents in the middle of the night. (I just said rowdy younger brother, but I meant all that other stuff. If for some reason Hollywood decides to make a major motion picture about Sufi poets - I'm sure there's a high priority Poet Movie list somewhere - I think Zach Galifianakis would make a good Hafiz.) 

ANYWAY. After I put in my two cents I got all worried that I was being a terrible conversation hijacker and and all around droning bore  - then I got home and actually read the poem. I may in fact be a terrible conversational hijacker and all around droning bore, but Hafiz let me off the worry hook.  He's good like that. 
4 comments on "an unlucrative business"
  1. I wouldn't worry about being a conversation hijacker. Well, ok, I would, because I am a freak and worry about everything, but you shouldn't worry about it!

    And if you don't believe me, just remember that I worked with that woman with all the "dumping" stories. I know annoying, and you, my friend, are not annoying.

  2. #1 Hafiz says we should stop worrying, and he seems so reasonable I'm inclined to agree!

    #2) OMG, your co-worker!

    #3) I thank you sincerely for your reassurance.

  3. I went through a big Rumi phase about 13 years ago. Perhaps it's time for a Hafiz phase. I really like that poem! I think I'm going to spell it out with my refrigerator magnets.

  4. I love the idea of spelling it out with refrigerator magnets! I might do it too - there are so many Hafiz poems that would suit that venue.


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