will the waterfall excitement never end?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
mossy trees


Mossy trees were waterfall adjacent, at the top of the (paved) trail that seemed pleasantly, even gently  downhill until we got to bottom and started climbing back up - then it seemed like some kind of mean trick. How did it get so steep?! What kind of evil state park wizard put a curse on this path? (HINT: The evil kind! it's right there in the name. I can see them now, all these robed state park wizards - some good, some bad - deciding which paths fall into the water and which ones remain surprisingly level. They study at the state school equivalent of Hogwarts, major in public service and wear practical, washable camouflage robes.)

silver falls
The Silver Falls are really beautiful. There's a bunch of them, but I think this one is the tallest in the park. You can kind of see people to the left of the waterfall to help give you a sense of scale - they look really tiny and are about to walk behind it. I also walked behind it! But I haven't uploaded those pictures yet.

Work this week is crazybananas. I still like the job for all its faults - even though today felt like it had an extra 3 o'clock in it. I don't quite know how to describe why I like it - it's not just the books, although that's certainly part.  People in this town really like the library; it's nice to be able to nurture that affection, I guess.  I have to go to sleep. But I think maybe one more waterfall picture, since I'm here.

behind the falls

this isn't that great as photographs go, but I love those bright rain coats! It makes me want one for sure. Mine's navy blue. (boring.)
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