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Tuesday, April 05, 2011
This morning was time to depart the central San Joaquin Valley, tonight we are in Boulder City, Nevada! I was all rested up after a lovely weekend stopover in Fresno (more on that to come when I get my photos uploaded), but 8+ hours in the car today on the way to the Hoover Dam made me stupid tired.  HOWEVER, the place we're in tonight is an old school motel - the neon is awesome. It's like vitamin Awesome Neon, which makes everything better. The room is good - a holdover from the days when they left some room to walk around. (In my case it's staggering around because I am, as I mentioned, stupid tired.)

Tomorrow AM is the Dam and then we start working our way back to Oregon. My sister informs me that it's cold and rainy beyond my current sunny weather comprehension. Noooooo! A little more sun, please.

highlights of today:

1) went to the big Borox mine visitor center! Admit it, you're jealous... (it was really cool.)

2) Mojave desert - amazingly beautiful. AMAZING!  Why isn't everyone talking about it all the time?

3) went to a breakfast place this morning that had a framed poster of a white Fancy-Feast style persian cat surrounded by blue hydrangeas in the ladies room. (I've got a meeting in the ladies room.)  This was in perfect keeping with the rest of the decorations, which included lots of fake flowers, still life photos of fake flowers, lavender vinyl and trellises between every booth.  Even though it isn't my taste, I loved that it was so full-tilt COMMITTED.

4) THE SUN! My big goal was to get through the mountains and to Boulder City before dark. (it's tough enough driving through a big city (Las Vegas) while really tired, but really tired in the dark is double no-fun.) We made it! the sun was just starting to go down as we came into Nevada - the light was so orange and beautiful bouncing off the still-green hills.

5) THE MOON!  Tonight the crescent moon -  tipped with the horns up, like Artemis' crown - was a bright white mark in the darkening turquoise sky. So lovely.
3 comments on "greetings from Boulder City"
  1. It all sounds so wonderful! I am so glad you are enjoying everything. Seriously. No sarcasm.

  2. My mind boggled at the still-life photos of fake flowers. Maybe the next step is an acrylic painting of a still-life photo of fake flowers? Why stop there, after all?

    So glad you're having such a good trip! Can't wait to hear about the dam!

  3. Thanks, Daniel! I am having a super fun time!

    Maggie - I know, right? It was surreal, but also oddly awesome.


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