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Thursday, April 07, 2011
Fallon, NV. I should be ASLEEP since we have to get up early early in the morning - there is a lot of driving yet to do.  But I kind of like these little as they happen updates.


1) I saw the Hoover Dam (impressive, but so crowded and etc.) (more on the impressive part when I get my 100001 photos uploaded.)

2) Saw a big horned sheep! Spotted him from the pedestrian walkway on the new Hoover Dam bridge. So fun - everyone went bananas once he was seen -  like the dam wasn't even there.

3) TUMBLEWEED - for real you guys! Tumbling, even.

4) I saw some beautiful desert wildflowers - including the one that's on the cover of every "Desert Wildflower" guide. Of course I didn't get a picture because they were kind of far apart and I assumed I'd see more.

5) spent today driving in Nevada. All day long my thoughts were ding donging back and forth between "this (awesomely) looks like every western ever filmed. Ever!" and  unquotable (due to coherence issues) conspiracy theories about the vast military Nevada Test Site, parts of which run right by the freeway.

6) We have so much driving to do tomorrow and there's going to be snow no matter which pass we take.  I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to use all three jackets.

More soon - I have diner recommendations and motorcycle gossip.
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