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Thursday, April 19, 2012
shelf 3

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket: I've only read the first few of these, but I enjoyed the writing and the concept enough to attempt to collect the whole set. The ones I've read skew pretty young, but since they're meant for young readers I'm not complaining. I understand that they read a little older as they go on, which only makes sense. I struck it lucky at the most recent Friends of the Library sale (there's one coming up next weekend!), but I'm still missing 10, 12, & 13 and now I have two Miserable Mills.  I might roll that into collecting a new set (it's fun to have something to look for) and make a gift of it to some of my little cousins.

Kim Aldrich, Silent Partner - Jinny McDonnell: I love these book covers and that's NO LIE.  Photos at the bottom of this post.
Kim Aldrich, Miscalculated Risk - Jinny McDonnell: I wrote about this one shortly after I got it back in 2005. (2005!!!!!!!) Kim's got a lot of moxie, which is what it takes to make it in the teen detective/ insurance investigator racket.

Cherry Ames Student Nurse; Cherry Ames Senior Nurse; Cherry Ames Private Duty Nurse; Cherry Ames Cruise Nurse: According to Wikipedia, these are being reprinted! I haven't seen any, but I haven't been looking. I love these not only for the adventures of a plucky nurse who doesn't like to be tied down to one job for long, but also for the AMAZING COVERS! Dude Ranch Nurse is so great- I don't even know where to start. It's the crazy best. I love the white uniform in the middle of the dusty corral, the belt buckle action (!) and the hat flying in the distance. (Maybe she is checking his face for suspicious moles, but I don't think so.)  I don't own this title, but it was my ebay holy grail back in the day.

Peggy Finds the Theater - Virginia Hughes. Holy shit - it looks like there are eight of these! I want them!  I picked this one up at Goodwill because how often do you read about girl detectives in the theater world of 1962 New York City? Here's a bit from the intro: "Ambitious but realistic, Peggy knows her name isn't going to be in lights immediately but finally persuades her cautious parents to let her spend a year in New York to try to gain a foothold in the fabled world of the theater."  I haven't read this one, but flipping through it I see that it has chapter illustrations which are awesome. (My favorite thus far: Peggy waiting for her flight on the tarmac with her parents - her father smokes a pipe, her mother looks worried,  and the airplane is right overhead.)

Confessions of a Teen Sleuth - Chelsea Cain: An affectionate spoof of the teen detective genre.

Below are photos of the cover for Silent Partner: I love the guy doing jumping jacks in the doorway and the fact that she is apparently in the midst of her werewolf transformation - just look at her hand! You know, forget all the insurance company mascots that are going right now - they should bring back Kim  Aldrich, ginger werewolf investigator.

kim aldrich mysteries
kim aldrich mysteries

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