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Tuesday, April 24, 2012
stained glass
I worked all day Sunday, which was the nicest day in our mini-stretch of nice days, but I got some pictures anyway. This is stained glass in the library - I love the bright green of the tree shining through on the left!

stained glass
mountains with legs.

white bleeding heart
I L-O-V-E these white bleeding heart. I may have to get some for myself. In the meantime, I look out for these in the neighborhood every year.

spring tree
spring tree! [I haven't tested it 100%, but I think I fixed my camera spot problem with the vacuum cleaner. (make seal around lens, dust goes away!) It's a good thing since none of the many tiny screwdrivers I acquired worked to open the camera.] ANYWAY - I love this green/blue combo.

yellow tulip
Yellow tulips at home. They like the sun, too.

red tulip
Orangey red tulips. (and stealth dandelion. not that they're stealth in the garden, just that I can only see one in this photo.)


2 comments on "sunny days"
  1. I love the name "white bleeding heart." Fantastic.

    1. Me too! Another favorite: love lies bleeding (legit name: amaranthus caudatus)


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