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Sunday, April 15, 2012
unmounted stamps

Behold - a more or less organized box full of unmounted rubber stamps.

 I didn't intend to do this project when I did. It was one of those things that cropped up in the course of doing something else -  I was looking for a stamp, realized that the envelopes I store them in were falling apart - before I knew what was happening, scissors were flying and I was surrounded by tiny pieces of paper and used glue sticks. It took a lot longer than I'd hoped (it always does), but I listened to some podcasts while I worked and had a nice time. I'm glad it's done, though.

Reading Report:  Game of Thrones, which is moving right along - I'm on about page 600 of 800. My fear is that I will only have 700 pages worth of patience with it, but I imagine momentum will be in my favor by that point and I'll get to the end with no problem. I'm also reading Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer, which I have to finish by Tuesday. (it's also moving right along, but in a brain-science/no-dragons (yet!) kind of way.) I might type out some quotes from that later this week - it's so interesting! Not just interesting, but as someone who often feels like I have to trick my brain into doing things, reassuring. (Brains are sneaky - science confirms this.)

...and because my itunes just played it and I love this song, here's Sweepstakes Prize by Mirah. It's so playful and sincere. The beginning reminds me of My Girl by the Temptations, which is not a bad thing!

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