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Thursday, October 26, 2006

how cute is she? Happy Birthday, Bec! The thing that makes me laugh about this picture, is that she ALWAYS looked sweet and angelic when we were kids, but was, in fact, almost always plotting EVIL. (not that some of it wasn't justified... )
5 comments on "happy birthday"
  1. Thank you for the happy birthday wishes!

    I am pleased to note that you picked a picture in which you cannot see the scheming hand rubbing that features in so many of my early pictures. It helps to maintain the illusion.

  2. It's funny. Some people change so much as they get older, but with MQ you cant totally tell its her (even without her habitual scheming hand rubbing!)

  3. So cute! Still so cute, actually. She has not changed that much. Yours is a very sisterly rendition of her 'true character,' tee hee. What is it about younger sisters? Mine was always getting me into trouble. Which of course I wouldn't have gotten up to, on my own, no, not at all.

  4. Hee! I am going to have to find one of the hand-rubbing pictures now. Or one of the ones where she's smiling like an angel, but pinching my arm...

    Patty -- I KNOW! what is it about younger siblings... trouble, trouble, trouble.

  5. Of course, that innocent look is all part of her evil genius. She hypmotizes us all with those lovely teeth!


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