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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I can't sleep. I have dark circles around dark circles around my eyes -- some sort of concentric sleepless rings of saturn pattern.

I need a new mattress, or a new mantra, or 7 glorious hours of uninterrupted slumber. Maybe it's the crazy (although it doesn't feel like crazy insomnia, which I have certainly had before -- I can GET to sleep, I just can't STAY asleep), maybe it's just one of those things. (not a trip to the moon on gossamer wings, but one of those other things.) One of those things that better go away soon, or else. (see how tired I am? I'm threatening INSOMNIA. Next thing you know, I'll declare a war on terror. Oh, wait.)

Please leave drugs in the comments.

Sigh. that probably doesn't work, although if I get much more tired I'll probably think it does.

Please leave insomnia song suggestions instead. I can only think of two right off the top of my head, but I know there are so many more! If I can't sleep, at least I can sing along.

I'm So Tired -- the Beatles
Four Hours in Washington -- M. Ward
8 comments on "insomnia song"
  1. I can relate. I fall asleep and then after maybe 15 minutes of bliss something pulls me out of it. I find that classical music is helpful as there are no words to invade my dreams, but that is just me, mayhaps. I hope it gets better and if I had drugs to leave here I probably would have already ingested them, sorry.

  2. I still think you should try the valerian, but meanwhile: Barenaked Ladies has a song called "Who Needs Sleep?". I agree with bbd about classical music. I have a really nice string collection, which isn't strictly classical, but soothing, though I do have a lot of classical that I could wink for you too. If I get a chance this weekend, I'll have to look into a soothing, sleepy-time mix. There are days when I could use one myself.

  3. BBD -- I'm sorry you can't sleep either. Maybe there's something in the water.

    Martina, thanks for the valerian reminder! I was edging toward the rubber mallet cure.

    and thank you both for the classical music recommendation. My thought was more songs that reference sleeplessness (thanks for the BNL!) rather than songs that will make me sleepy (its so subjective) but I'm happy to hear any suggestions.

  4. Insomnia is like my conjoined twin, always there. But I have learned to sort of "go with it", yet at times lack of sleep makes me hyper-emotional and people don't tend to enjoy that, the bastards. I hope you get some sleep soonly. Erich says that chamomile tea with passion flower is helpful. I guess that remains to be seen..."Tainted Love" mentions sleeplessness, or rather the tossing and turning...

  5. bbd, thank you for all the suggestions! That chamomile tip reminds me that perhaps it is possible that drinking caffeine right up to falling into bed may no longer be a good idea. drat.

    I am so sorry that you have such persistent insomnia. I usually sleep really well which is why I'm so whiny about this latest bout of sleeplessness.

    Thanks for the Tainted Love reminder! I used to go to ridiculous lengths to hear that song back in the pre-internet days.

  6. Ever since the nuns told me when I was like 9 that dying is "just like going to sleep" I have had problems with it. Nuns are weird. They can also be mean. But they can also be tres groovy, I suppose, like Rosalind Russell in "The Trouble With Angels", also starring miss Haley Mills. I like that movie. I never think to watch it. Now I am thinking that since I should watch "Auntie Mame" soon, considering the holiday season is upon us, maybe I should just make it a Rosalind Russell movie-thon weekend pretty soon...

  7. I've never seen The Trouble with Angels but love Auntie Mame, of course.

  8. The Trouble With Angels is "off the chain", as it were. You should really check it out. I think you would enjoy it. You can see how Haley looked after puberty but before full on adult-hood. And Rosalind always shines.


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