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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Good Food

I have so many things I have been meaning to write about, but [insert one of many excuses here]. ANYWAY, update very soon which may or may not include nanoyesno rationales, my new barely in time spooky fall mix, thrilling tales of grad school application self-sabotage, why it's not smart to read Iris Murdoch followed directly by A.S. Byatt, my deep thoughts on the solitary episode of Ugly Betty that I've seen, etc, and so on. I blame Andrew Bird. I've been trying to figure that one out and it's been blocking me up on the rest. [insert excuse explanation here].

In happier news, I am sitting at my new desk which barely wobbles at all anymore and has a view of a tree that is often full of birds and/or squirrels. Also, the sun is shining and may continue to do so for as many as three days!

photo note: if you're in Fife, Washington in search of a cheeseburger, might I recommend the Poodle Dog?
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