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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
+ Thursday is my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday, Bec!

+I finished and mailed my halloween cards today. For some reason they were a lot more (evil) fun for me this year than last. Mwahahahaha! I had to put extra postage on them and I didn't even care! It was worth it!

+Perhaps they were more fun because I finally have conceded to the season and have painted my toes the seasonally appropriate color known as Vampire State Building. Mostly because I love the name Vampire State Building, but the color is nice too. (and to tie this together with another item on this list, my sister gave me this polish for christmas a couple years ago -- she had to hunt all over to find it, and put on the card that it was from spike and dru!)

+Myers-Briggs typing: powerful tool (excuse me, "instrument") of self-knowledge, or tarted up horoscope? I am unsure, although I am apparently still safe to pursue library school according to "the instrument." To compare -- my myers briggs type , (that's right -- I put the J in judging!) and this week's Free Will Astrology horoscope. I think I prefer the horoscope -- it features costumes!

+I seem to be over the worst of my insomnia, but the celebrity dream cameos continue. Monday night featured Russ Tamblyn in a suit made out of sod (he was with someone else in a sod suit, but I can't remember who it was), and the night before that it was Will Ferrell delivering pizzas wearing red and silver sneakers that he would not shut up about while I was barefoot and trying to walk across a sheet of ice that wasn't ice. My questions: where the hell is Johnny Depp? Why does my brain hate me? However, my overriding sentiment remains "sleep, hooray!"

+ I was going to put some random television thoughts, but they are too many, so instead I will share some wisdom from The Givenchy Code : 1) Marines can't fight cancer. Or they can't fight cancer in other people and win. I'm not exactly clear on the details, but that seemed to be the thrust of it. 2) if you are a dude and in this book, your name has a 'y' in it. Stryker and Lynx, I kid you not. But, I am not full of complaints! It is serving its entertainment purposes admirably. I just finished reading an A.S. "humans are complicated and not very nice" Byatt short story collection and have been reading a lot of non-fiction (not deliberately, it just happened that way...) and this is light, rompy, and ridiculous. Sometimes, that's just the right combination.
3 comments on "oh, it's a list of stuff"
  1. Russ Tamblyn??? Maybe your brain does hate you...The best/only celebrity appearance I had this week was by a Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Brown...he threw her out of the house, barefoot, so he could spend time with his new lady. All Whitney wanted was her shoes and car keys...I don't know. I don't think that they are covered in any dream explanation book, and that is probably a good thing.

  2. Maybe Russ Tamblyn was there because I have been reading about that West Side Story production they've got going downtown. (since RT was in the MOVIE as a singing and dancing gangmember. Maybe I should be glad he was just walking around in his sod suit and not leaping through the air snapping his fingers and getting grass on everyone.)

    Whitney and Bobby?!? Where were you when all of this no-shoes and car-keys business was going on? Maybe we should write a new dream explanation book.

  3. When the Brown's were throwing down, well, I am not sure where I wa. It felt like I was inside their house, or maybe watching through a nannycam? I have no idea. But Russ Tamblyn? I really only know him from Twin Peaks and being the father of that Arcadian Joan girl or whatever that show was called where she saw god but also traded pants with her friends? I actually think those are two different things? I am super tired so I should retire. For the evening. Happy birthday to all and to all a good night!


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