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Thursday, October 12, 2006
I slept for longer last night than I have in a week! yay! But sleep might not be the answer. Sleep brings weird dreams. (this dream has been shortened -- a secondary storyline has been excised for not making any sense. Not that the rest of this makes much sense...)

I was in the lobby of a hotel (it was very crowded) and saw Rick James holding a diorama of a courthouse made of paper (???). I recognized it and said "hey, I made that!" He said he really liked it and wanted to send me a cake in gratitude... only first he would need my credit card number and a reasonable facsimile of my signature. Ha! Sneaky dream Rick James. Fortunately, dream me didn't fall for this and gave him bogus info. I was sad about missing out on the cake, but that worked out okay because in convoluted dream fashion, I was suddenly in a cupcake bakery by a river. (it was in a sort of rehabbed barn or mill house, I think). I was part of a tour and had an assortment of cupcakes in a box which I was holding on upturned palms about chest high. My party (there were about 6 of us, all familiar, but I couldn't tell you who was there and who wasn't) took these cupcakes and headed out to the bridge over the river... which only went 3/4 of the way across! So we turned around and headed back. What happened next is sort of a blur, but I do remember that there were people in purple choir robes wearing gorilla masks and Burger King masks. Not surprisingly, I woke up shortly after they started skateboarding.

google leads me to the following dream information:

dream cake: the definitions were really all over the board for this one, but generally favorable. (good luck, ease -- "piece of cake", accepting rewards and recognition, "A fortunate dream signifying satisfaction in both social and business affairs." My favorite definition was "anything to do with cake is lucky"!)

dream bridge: Most dream dictionaries agree that bridges signify transitions and "critical junctions." There was actually another bridge in this dream (two cakes, two bridges!) and the other one was driven over with no difficulty. This second bridge wasn't derelict or falling apart -- it just didn't go all the way to the other side. Hmmmmm. I didn't attempt to look up skateboarding choir robe wearing gorillas. Even google has its limits.

Anyway, there was no anxiety with any of this -- it's not like I can even be surprised that dream Rick James might not be on the up and up, you know? Honestly, I was just delighted to be sleeping!
2 comments on "skateboarding gorilla king"
  1. i can't believe rick james was in your dream. you definitely need to sleep more.

  2. I agree! But will more sleep bring further rick james sightings, or will it make him go away? These are not questions I ever thought I'd need to ask myself.


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