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Saturday, June 23, 2007
driftwood horse

I'm still so tired! which is weird since I did nothing but relax and hike and ride/drive in a car for 6 days. Perhaps I have developed some mystery vacation ailment, or maybe it's because I've been doing laundry all day today. So much sand, so much laundry! Some quick things (because for less quick things I have to get the rest of my photos uploaded and that's just not happening tonight):

1) All beaches are public beaches in Oregon.

2) this driftwood horse was so cool! He had a seaweed tail and bridle -- someone spent a lot of time on him. He lasted about a day and a half before the tide took him apart. The next day there was a driftwood teepee made with equal care, but that didn't even last 24 hours. Others suspected vandals, but honestly, I think it was the tide -- if it can deposit huge logs right up to the cliffs, it can take apart a driftwood horse.

3) Brookings (nearest town to Harris Beach state park) is considered to be in the "Banana Belt" of Oregon. I learned this on menus in more than one restaurant.

3) Apparently, whenever I go anywhere I can be assured of two things: a) I will be found and vaguely tormented by hoodlum children (in this instance the Chetco 6, whom I determined were running a bicycle chop-shop out of a neighboring yurt, but more on them later) b) I am a magnet for crazy old men with THREE (not two, not four) small dogs on long windy leashes. I don't mean mildly eccentric, I mean the kind of crazy where the neighbors say "I'm not at all surprised" or "what took you so long" when the cops and reporters show up.

4) I love the beach. I wish there was some way I could be there every day and still have access to my city life (such as it is).

5) While left to their own devices the cats found a way to open a nearly full container of cat treats. There were only three lonely fish-shaped treats remaining in the jar (now on its side under the table) when I got home. I don't think I'll be falling for the "but I don't have THUMBS" argument ever again.
5 comments on "selected vacation facts"
  1. Welcome home! That driftwood horse is quite impressive. I know what you mean about the travel hangover. All I did last week in NC was sit in a conference room, ride in cars and eat, but this weekend I'm totally exhausted.

  2. That Coastal Access website is awesome. Good find!

  3. NC and the coast, respectively? I took the bus to Jantzen Beach last week. That was my big trip. But I think that I am going to Jamaica next April for Erichs sisters wedding. It is very close to Cuba...and apparently most people there speak english.

  4. Thanks, Leslie -- welcome home to you, too! At least you managed to change time zones so your tired makes sense!

    Monquee, I thought it was cool too!

    BBD --Jamaica sounds cool! The bus to Jantzen beach less so, but maybe I've been missing out. Are you going to Cuba as well? Cuba's also very close to Florida, but I don't recommend it unless you're desperate.

  5. I have decide that Jamaica hold no interest for me and I do not wish to spend $97.- on a passport at this time. I think that I will visit Erichs family in NY during the 2008 summer. I can train into the city to see people I know and see the lovely sights in Buffalo.


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