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Sunday, June 03, 2007
flowered dress

Popsicle weather has arrived in pdx! I think it's supposed to be rainy and 20 degrees cooler tomorrow, but today (witness my attempts to live in the now...) popsicles are the shit!

This morning on my way to the library I saw a falcon and an orange cat having some sort of dispute in the intersection. Maybe they hit a snag in planning an Owl and Pussycat vacation. ("You knew I wasn't an Owl when we met, how can this be an issue now?!") It was the weirdest thing. The cat was running across the street, but taking the time to sort of jump up at the bird, and the bird kept swooping down at the cat. They were going their separate ways by the time I got to the stop sign. I hope those crazy kids work it out.

I worked on the paging list today, which is a daily list of requests from users across the system for books at my branch. I like doing it because it's a great way to find new interesting things and to get more familiar with the collection as a whole. Sometimes a title will stand out for any number of reasons -- I'll flip through it and read a random sentence just to see what's what. Today there wasn't much, although Dictator Style: Lifestyles of the World's Most Colorful Despots did grab my attention. It's sort of repulsive, like some new despot version of InStyle magazine. I'm not denying that there's value in knowing what these guys did with their ill-gotten gains, but this was presented in a Dictator Cribs kind of way. Here's what I learned from my 20 seconds inside the world of Despot Decorating: "Mussolini kept a neat desk." I am pleased to say that my desk is lacking Italian fascist flair. The only other title that really grabbed my attention was Making Upholstered Furniture 1/12th scale -- 1/12th scale upholstered furniture is a completely foreign notion to me! Oh what a world that allows for devotees of tiny tufted furniture!

Sunday fashion lesson: if you find yourself asking "should I wear the dress with the giant crazy flowers and maracas?" the answer should be yes.
2 comments on "sunday things"
  1. I guffawed at the idea of the cat in denial about the specific identity of the falcon. Hey, you could write a poem about that. Without many changes...

    Such snorts I have when I read you--draws me back again and again.

    We have had sherbet in canteloupe bowls--not as pure as Popsicles, but still fun, with perky cinnamon graham cracker sails.

    I am not as neat as Mussolini, either. (Loud guffaw here.) ('Course, he was not neat at all, at the end.)

    You do have some interesting books crossing your path, while helping out folks. I went to the Belmont library today and Yahoo! they have finally taken steps to make the traffic patterns flow, instead of clog. Yahoo!

    Love your blog, though I have been neglectful which doesn't seem to signify.

  2. Sherbet in canteloupe bowls sounds lovely, although I must say popsicles have a certain expediency that I enjoy. What kind of sherbet?

    Glad to hear belmont has come to its senses. Do you suppose it was because of cranky letters from patrons (ahem)?


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