stupidest sunburn ever (almost)

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
I now have a red stripe (well, it's sort of pinkish brown) right above the top of my jeans. Normally, this area is not available for the sun to burn, but today I was toiling diligently in the garden (so diligently!) and my shirt rode up. And lo, my lower back/hip area was exposed causing the aforementioned stupidest stripe of sunburn which will turn into the stupidest stripe of tan in a couple of days. (I should say my stupidest sunburn/tan THIS YEAR since it's nowhere near as stupid as the time I ended up with white hand prints on the backs of my thighs after a Tragic Sunscreen Incident. I couldn't wear shorts that whole summer.)

I'm not complaining about the sun, though!

And now to give this post some content beyond my inability to properly block the sun... How great is this embroidery? I saw it this morning on whipup. The artist's name is Ethel Wright Mohamed, and she stitched scenes from her life on the Mississippi river delta. This one is called "A Dream." I so love the faces on the trees and the dancing bees! (and even the alligators, despite my recurring post-florida alligator dreams which aren't really nightmares, but they're not really fun either.) Click on the whipup link or the picture to see a larger version of the embroidery. I keep thinking I'm going to design this enormous halloween embroidery, but so far it's purely theoretical. The wiser course of action would be to just get stitching. (less thinking, more doing -- yet another thing I could have tattooed on my forehead.)
9 comments on "stupidest sunburn ever (almost)"
  1. Tee hee. I totally remember the summer of the hand print!

  2. Oh, it was so awful! and since it was funny, everyone kept LAUGHING and refusing to acknowledge my PAIN and SHAME. sigh. You people.

  3. I'd feel more sorry for you, if I didn't know how hard you'd laugh if *I* ended up looking like I'd was being groped by a ghostly white hand.

  4. Giggle. The hand print problem does sound like a great gag, actually. (That is, something it would be hilarious to perpetrate-- on someone else.) Could you have colored those out, using fak-tan-in-a-bottle?
    Really sorry about the back-stripe sunburn. Hate being sunburned!

    So even while I giggle at the thought of the hand prints, I do sympathize. Really. I mean it! I do.

  5. oh, sure Patty -- it's all funny gags until it happens to you!

    I don't think fake tan in a bottle would have helped unless I wanted orange handprints on the back of my legs. Thank god a shirt is all that's required to keep this year's adventure in sunburn under control. Although the summer's not even properly begun yet, so who knows what could happen?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. >>But you don't tan!<<

    That's just how we albinos roll! Don't hate me because I'm almost translucent.

    >>Thank god a shirt is all that's required to keep this year's adventure in sunburn under control.<<

    Well, sure, if you want to give up your chances of landing a job as a stripper. But, whatever, if you want to limit your job potential I guess it's your life...

  8. wait a minute! I thought strippers just got those Super Adhesive Mystic Orange Tans. I'll never keep all this stuff straight...


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