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Sunday, June 17, 2007
This afternoon (once I am done at the library) I am off to Harris Beach state park with my mom and sister to meet up with some California Relatives. We are staying in a yurt! They always look to me like they should be on the steppes of Mongolia instead of a state park, but I'm not complaining -- there's electricity and I don't have to sleep on the floor. It should be fun, although a loooong day in the car (Harris Beach is within spitting distance of the California border). I can see Washington state if I go to the end of my street and look north, so it's the whole length of the state. (I know this sounds whiny, but it's a big state!)

I, of course, have been aware of this trip for a long time, but kept thinking that it was later in the summer or that I wasn't going to be able to go because surely I would have my act together and be toiling away at some new job by the time June 17 rolled around. (insert packing montage. you can imagine clothes flying through in the air if you like since it sort of happened when I couldn't find the jeans I wanted [they have since been located].)

Anyway, I'll be gone about a week and expect to have a lot fun. I'll have limited computer access (assuming that Sasquatch doesn't have his wireless password protected), so I may be able to check in, but maybe not. In the meantime, here are some random and/or pleasing things to think about:

yellow submarine

June 7th Leslie, Bec and I volunteered again to help decorate parade floats. (we did not decorate this one, but if you happened to see the Reeser's Fine Foods tiger float and think "this should get the Grand Governer's Super Prize for Elegance and Excellence in Shoving Roses in Water Vials Award"... well, I like to think that was in part because of our labors.) We left the parade itself (June 10th) early because our floats had already passed and it was raining like crazy. Bec and I were on our way to the car and I heard the familiar and welcome sound of Beatle music (I think it was Can't Buy Me Love, which is not really Submarine-era, but I didn't care) -- I turned around and the Yellow Submarine was crossing the overpass! We headed back that way and got to see the float up close. We were not the only ones -- it was kind of like catnip. The Float Beatles kept lipsynching and waving until someone shut off the music, even though they were no longer officially on the Parade route. It was the nicest sort of surprise!

his eyes follow you everywhere

Freaky Elvis Under Lacquer portrait from the women's bathroom in a diner in Lincoln City. (his eyes follow you EVERYWHERE.)

Man Ray's Enigma of Isidore Ducasse.

giant spinning bread

Do you know where the giant spinning bread district is in your city? Perhaps now is the time to find out!
3 comments on "summering with sasquatch"
  1. I love staying in a yurt. It is as close to nature as I care to get. I like that they lock and that you have electricity. It is camping the way that god intended.

  2. I am just back and I agree with you 100%!! I did my time tent camping back in my Pathfinder Days (think girlscouts/boyscouts combined but with more Jesus, uglier uniforms, lots of "camporees" and forced marching).

    The beach was lovely as always, though, and Sasquatch was vacationing elsewhere. (Thank God!)

  3. Camporees? That sounds positively creepy...really, it does. I am glad that you are home and can't wait to read all about your week.


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