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Thursday, September 27, 2007
These past two weeks have been CRAZY for me. I know it's not even regular busy for some people, but I am so tired -- my sleep schedule is all wonky (no doubt due to the 30 minute nap I MUST TAKE at 10:30 pm, which means I am awake far longer than I should be...) and so on. This break from my usual routine is good for me; I think a period of Extra Busy is a good transition to the New Regular Busy I'll be (with luck!) starting some time in the next few weeks. BUT, as always, the transition is a bitch. If I could just learn to love these inbetween times when everything is in flux, I'd be in clover. (note to self: learn to love these inbetween times! Tomorrow! After you get back from the thing and do your laundry and prep house for craft night and for god's sake do something about your eyebrows. wah!)


Chestnut Update: (you know, the ones left by my favorite love vandal art perpetrators, who may or may not be a precocious 5 year old with a label maker): Dateline, Saturday: went to the park. First time around, notice nothing except that it is a gorgeous day and my ipod loves me. Second time around the park path I notice that the chestnuts are back on their posts, and am charmed all over again. Fourth time around (ish), I notice that they are gone. Am ALARMED, but find a couple of them not far from their posts and replace them. Feel solidarity with chestnut-placers. Who knocked them off? Everyone in park and vicinity is immediately a suspect instead of a citizen. Next lap, I catch the evil-doer in mid act. He is a skeletor late-middle age type with a miniature pinscher on a chain. He's casually throwing the chestnuts as far as he can. He's not even letting the dog run after them. Clearly he has a small bit of gravel where his heart should be. To be continued, if I ever make it to the park again.

Hipster Alert: My neighborhood is being overrun. I don't really mind, except would it be possible, o skinny jeaned hipster boys, to just have one ironic haircut at a time? I can kinda deal with the variations on the mullet, but I just don't know if I have the psychic reserves to deal with a mullet and mutton chops on the same head. Please! think of the neighbors.

Thrift Store Finds: Traffic was really hideous on my way home from West Linn the other day so I stopped off at a thrift store I haven't been to in a long time. It was an interesting mix of stuff from cheapo places like Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc. and donations from little old ladies who lunch. I left with a double-breasted LOLWL silk/cotton black and white striped sweater (it's like a french pirate sweater!) that needs some button shifting to allow for wearing without the dreaded boob-gaposis. I noticed when removing the buttons that I'm one button short, so I'll probably have to replace them all, but it will be worth it. The perfect accessory would be an eye patch, or maybe a cutlass between the teeth, but I think I'll just settle for buttons where they should be and the knowledge that an eye patch would liven things up. I also found a sweet pair of classic clamshell adidas sneakers with yellow stripes! I just have to clean them up a little. Anyway. it was a fun traffic dodging diversion.

TV: I am missing all the new TV! I have seen... Bones, and that was it. And I fell asleep during the last 5 minutes. I can say that I'm glad Hodgins got a haircut. As always I like both Brennan and Booth. (boothe? booth? SEELEY? Seeley always makes me think 'posturepedic' and then I realize that I really am 95 years old.) Actually, every time this show comes on or I see an ad, all I can think is "Angel's on TV! Angel's on TV!" which is what the local alt-alt weekly said when Bones first came on. I want to see Ugly Betty for sure, I want to check out Reaper because I have been hearing such mixed reviews (people either love it or loathe it) -- the Reaper guy is from Tualatin and the local TV guy LOVES HIM and has been doing various stories about it. I wanted to watch Heroes but I find that I'm not really that upset that I missed it. Um... I think I saw Cold Case and my thoughts on that are the same as always: Lily is probably the PALEST woman in America, Scotty is adorable, etc. I swear I've seen something else, but for the life of me I can't remember what. I am approaching the return of Grey's Anatomy and the arrival of Private Practice with something near dread. Grey's really was cheesing me off by the end with the whole George/ Izzie thing (ugh!) and Private Practice just seems like a really bad idea. I love Addison, but every ad I've seen makes it sound like the things I love about her (prickly, conflicted, ultimately kind) are going to disappear in goofy dancing naked montages while she learns about Life and Love. And a #$%#@ talking elevator. Bleh. I will give it a shot, though. Maybe it's just a spectacularly unappealing (to me) ad campaign.

I have also been watching season 3 of Deadwood on DVD, but that really deserves its own post. (except to say I fall over laughing every time I think of 'cob shucker' which is what they're dubbing over one of the most common Deadwood epithets to make it acceptable for broadcast tv. Or so I learned on some commentary track or another.)

Now I must go to bed before I fall asleep with my head on the keyboard.
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