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Friday, September 28, 2007
save the date!
(dates for the Pendleton Roundup, which is also not this weekend.)

I should never post after midnight! Or only after midnight, if just to develop a consistent level of wrongness. Both the Friends of the Library sale and the 100 Monkeys craft swap are NEXT WEEKEND. This is good (gives me more time to assemble donations), but also alarming because I blithely jumped over a September weekend right into October. I love October and all, but come on!

Because I have the posting window open, I will note that my West Linn job cancelled on me today which was a lovely surprise and I'm not even kidding. I can do all those things that I have been wanting to do, like laundry and well... I'll probably get laundry done at least!

Ooh -- I had another Chestnut Experience this morning. I woke up early and decided to head to the park since it was not raining or hailing or being otherwise inclement. First time around: no chestnuts, but no biggie; I certainly wasn't expecting them. Next time around, I saw one (and like the giant nerd I am I took a picture because I had my camera), it made me inexplicably happy, only to be topped when I notice that they are now on EVERY post. Do they just sprout up out of the top? I don't know! It's the best sort of mystery, I tell you what. And my ipod still loves me, in case you were wondering. How do I know? Friday I'm in Love by the Cure on a Friday is how! (maybe it heard me talking about the new ipods...)
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