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Monday, September 10, 2007
It seems like I've only ever been complaining or stressing out on this blog for MONTHS, so it's time for a Good Stuff list. (I realize the only other thing I've been doing is lists, but bear with me.)

Some Good Stuff (a list):

1. Leftovers, particularly leftover valium.

2. the new ipods. I really think the new nanos are adorable, but I'll probably get the classic. Mine is a 3rd Generation, and while it is not, as my cousin cruelly suggested, something that belongs in the smithsonian, it has a tragically short battery life and is only 10gb.

3. Ewan McGregor as Catcher Block in Down With Love. I know this movie isn't for everyone, but he cracks me all the way up every time I see it. He has that wicked gleeful glint in his eye and seems to be having such a good time -- it's hard to resist. He should do more comedies. (I like to watch this one while I'm sewing because the clothes and the colors are so fun.)

4. Bring It On Home To Me -- Britt Daniel covers Sam Cooke, posted on LocalCut. Further proof that the world is ready for Sam Cooke and Alexander Hamilton to FIGHT CRIME! (other evidence collected: Hamiltion Biography face out at the library. Did you know he was a scrappy orphan? It (the AH/SC Crime Fighting Movement, or perhaps my insanity) is gaining momentum!) You may disagree about the rightness of this crime-fighting duo for whatever deranged reason, but you must agree that this is a great cover of a great song. (you must!)

5. driving the fruit loop around Mt. Hood! So pretty, so many farm stands with so many things to eat.
mt. hood through the sunflowers

6. My face should be much less swollen by Wednesday, which is the day of...

7. My interview! (woo!) Being sick has had one major benefit, and that's that I've been too distracted to fret even one iota about it.

8. I can't believe I almost forgot the phantom funk marching band! I think it's from the middle school up the street. If I felt better I would have gone to investigate -- but there's something to be said for not knowing for sure. There's nothing quite like hearing the distant rumbling of Parliament Funkadelic as interpreted by 11 year olds with tubas. (really!)
5 comments on "driving the fruit loop"
  1. It is always so much easier for me to look on the not so bright side of life so I am glad that you are taking the opposite path. I am sure that "leftovers" help with that? I would wish you luck or tomorrow but I don't think that you need luck. You have yourself.

  2. Ditto that! Breathe deeply, several times, before you go in (though don't pass out!) and feel the energy flow and out through your smile and feel the vibes...and oh you know..just breathe and rock the interview! Jen Rules! Don't they already know that?

    I have to wonder, do you think that 11 year old tubists know what "we're gonna turn this mother out" means? What does it mean?

  3. It is so funny that you say that, because I have been cringing for days about how I can't seem to write anything other than PITY ME, which isn't really what I would like to put across, you know?

    and leftovers are helpful! Although I think I'm through with them for this round since I feel much better now. (although I still have a giant bandage on my face. I hope to graduate to a much smaller adhesive bandage for tomorrow.)

    p.s. I totally need luck! but you're sweet to think otherwise.

  4. Anonymous T! You left your comment while I was writing mine. Okay, so what you're saying is I need to hyperventilate on the concrete steps (or should I save it for the granite steps) knock myself on the head and have a concussion! And then I will visit the land of Oz and have many library-centric adventures?

    Sometimes I think that would be easier than an interview! The good thing is I am strangely not that nervous, which is saying something since I get nervous about things like JURY DUTY. (I think it's the whole suspicious of the law thing -- I have no idea where that comes from.)

    As for the 11 year old tubists (hee!)... I think they are just starting the path of Funk, and they will have many Funky Adventures ahead of them, for now they know They Gotta Have That Funk. Regarding "we're gonna turn this mother out"... I think it's sort of like a Rorschach test. Me, I think it's related to delivering THE MOST FUNK POSSIBLE. Someone else may get a whole Mary and Joseph No Room At The Inn kind of thing. Who knows what the 11 y.o.'s are thinking.

  5. Be sure to let us know how you feel after your procedure tomorrow. I am sure all will go swimmingly.


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