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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
I passed my interview! WOO HOO!!

Believe it or not, this is not the last step, or even the second to the last step, but it is definite positive progress. Hooray! Gotta run, more details later.

6 comments on "late-breaking update"
  1. It appears that it would be easier to get into Fort Knox than in it is to get hired by the can fill in the dots. Like if I were to say welcome to the MC...I know that it is technically just MC but the the adds something very vital. Congrats on more good news. Hopefully you will have the most greatest good news soon.

  2. Good for you! Obviously the bandage and vibrant color worked in your favor!

  3. bbd, I think you'd be okay with THE MC (although it sounds like a kind of lame DJ name) because unless I am mistaken, the OC is technically just OC as well. And I feel you on the Fort Knox comparison! That is very much what it seems like.

    Thanks, anonymous T! I prefer to think it was my spazzy incoherent answers to simple questions, but you're probably right -- it was the bandage! (does this mean I am a pity hire? At this point I don't care!)

  4. A pity hire is better than no hire at all. I hope all works out at a quick pace. They need to just get it over with and hire you.

  5. Need I remind us all, again, that JEN RULES!


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