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Saturday, September 22, 2007
I have so many things I want to blog about (news, non-news, delights, felicitations, rants, reviews, ETC.) but I have been crazy busy (for me) this past week and have not had time. I did finally get the pictures off of my camera, though, so I thought in honor of the last full day of summer (TODAY), I would post some pictures of what it looks like here in pdx in middle to late september.

not as helpful as he thinks
lots of garden work going on this month -- here Busby is on the job deciding whether or not I'm worthy of another wheelbarrow of bark dust. (I was, but there was some serious head/butt-scratching negotiating that had to happen first.)

blue sky! (look harder)
Blue sky! somewhere! Believe it or not, it didn't rain this day and in fact was sunny and beautiful within half an hour of the instant captured in this photo.

late-summer sky
No rain here, either! I know two cloud pictures are probably overkill, but they're so pretty.

pretty pretty
This leaf was on the ground -- a harbinger of things to come. I love the orange/green combo, and I love that the rest of the trees are mostly, for now, still green.

shiny chestnut
This is one of the chestnuts I was going on and on about two blog posts ago! Aren't they pretty? They were all gone when I went to the park today.

cute shoe!
I have had this shoe (and its mate) for YEARS but never actually managed to wear them out of the house. I got a great deal on them and LOVE them because they have such classic vintage appeal (in my eyes), but hadn't worn them because they are so very tall (for me -- I realize people sprint all around in higher heels than these all the time, but I am not one of them). Anyway, I wore them last night and aside from having to negotiate unexpected stairs and a floor pitched for broken-ankle downhill MAYHEM, it went okay. I felt very tall, but relatively stable since these have such a sturdy stacked heel.

As always, more later. (threat or a promise?! you decide.) INCLUDING: why I want some sort of cannon or trebuchet I can use to deal with the asshats from the bar on the corner who leave beer bottles by my fence (hint: it has to do with leaving beer bottles by my fence) and seeking understanding as to why so many dudes in opera appear to be the kind of asshats who would leave beer bottles in front of my fence.
6 comments on "what it looks like"
  1. Busy you have been. I can't wait to have more to actually read. I discovered something today that you already knew---the music of Feist provides a kick-ass soundtrack to any old day.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're making Feisty discoveries. Which CD are you listening to? Or are you gleaning enough feist from the thirty kabrillion commercials featuring her music that are on right now?

  3. Actually, VH1 thinks she's someone that I should know, so I should thank Viacom?

  4. Feist is coming to town, right? Or did I miss her already? Sigh.

    Love the pictures!!! Those are so fine.

    We get those bottles and cans also, dangit. Although there is a bar at the end of our corner, too, the asshats leaving the bottles in our yard party right next door. Infuriating!

    I am really impressed with those shoes. That you could walk in them seems little short of miraculous. But, tall is good.

  5. BBD -- this time VH1 is not wrong!

    Patty, I think Feist is coming to town again soon. I'm probably not going since the last show was so divine and this one is in the Schnitz, which I HATE for rock shows since it's huge and ornate and you pretty much have to sit the whole time. Great for the symphony, sux for the rock show. If you want to go, you should get tickets soon -- I know certain sections have already sold out.

    I'm glad you liked the pictures, sorry you have drunken asshats on your street, and thank you for the miraculous shoe compliment. They were not as bad as I have feared lo, these many years.

  6. I love Feist. And I never, usually, go to concerts, unless Leslie is somehow involved, but I am thinking that I need to go see Nick Lowe October 8. I love him tons. Is that an ipod commercial I just heard???


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