I love it when a plan comes together

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Friday, September 28, 2007
beware of objects

My Free Will Astrology horoscope for this week said "Move the furniture around. In fact, why not move some of it right through the front door and out of your life? If we're lucky, this will get you in the mood to launch a purge of everything that no longer belongs under your roof. Maybe you could throw a Simplification Party, complete with an exorcism. Or corral your friends for a haul-it-all-away caravan to the garbage dump. I don't care how you do it, Cancerian. Just get rid of all knick-knacks, wall hangings, funny mirrors, broken dreams, balls and chains, and formerly cute mementoes that have lost their cuteness. It's time to liberate your home."

To which I thought ... "hmmmm..." and noticed that THIS VERY WEEKEND is the Friends of the Library book sale, and I believe it's not too late to donate books. Coincidentally, just as I was thinking it was really time to go through my rubber stamps and get rid of the ones I bought early on (ones I look at now and wonder if I was completely high, having an out of body experience or merely temporarily insane when I selected them) I spotted this excellent good craft swap news on the West Coast Crafty blog -- which is ALSO THIS WEEKEND.

I have absolutely no problem giving away (rather than trying to sell) things that I once loved but no longer want, but I always like it if I can target my giving a little more specifically than just taking it to Goodwill. Woo Hoo's all around! (despite what it may seem like from the photo used on this post, I will not be pitching things willy nilly off the St. Johns bridge if I don't make it to the FotL sale or the crafty swap.)

(and in bonus woo hoo news, I found the button I thought was missing from my new to me Little Old Lady Who Lunches french pirate sweater AND I slept long enough last night that I feel coherence inching its way back to me! Obviously it's not here yet, but moving ever closer.)
3 comments on "I love it when a plan comes together"
  1. I am so glad that things are coming together. I love reading my horoscope in the WW so much. It rarely makes practical sense but I love it all the same.

  2. We'll see if I actually manage to make it come together, or if it's one of those things that I merely observe in a "wouldn't that be nice" way. I'm going to try, though.

    As for the WW horoscope -- I love it too! It usually makes BETTER sense than practical sense, except this week mine was full of practical advice.

  3. I read the horoscope first and then decide if the rest of the WW is worth looking through.


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